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- The xtractor is sensitive to the PSF shape and is therefore suitable for the co-adding of many images. A xtractor can be used to make many different types of measurements, such as detecting galaxies, measuring the isophotal shapes of galaxies, and measuring the isophotal fluxes of galaxies. xtractors are quite versatile, and you can write your own. In this tutorial, I will describe the ``basic`` xtractor. There are a number of advanced xtractors, such as the MarkIII extractor. See the `Tutorials and Sample Software for Sextractor `_ page for more information. 1. Start by compiling and installing xtractor:: .. code-block:: bash make sudo make install 2. Start the xtractor executable, typically by entering "`xtractor_gui `_" from the directory where you installed xtractor. Make sure that your image directory is entered in the "Input Image File Directory" input box. 3. Pick an image to show. We will run the "Detect objects" and "Isophotal shape" measurements, as well as the "H-band image" measurement. .. image:: _static/fig0a.png 4. Click on the "Detect objects" button. 5. You will be presented with a list of objects. Select the "H-band image" tab (Image 8 in Figure 1). 6. The image will be analyzed,



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Wave Xtractor 3.2 Crack Download kriskamm

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